Syphilis Information

Syphilis - The Basics

Syphilis is caused by a bacterium called Treponema Pallidum. Syphilis is passed through sexual contact or by sharing sex toys.

Syphilis - The Symptoms

Syphilis has three stages unless there is medical intervention to prevent the progression.


The first symptom is a lesion called a chancre that appears as an infected sore on the penis, vagina or around the mouth. This is called the primary stage and the sore is highly infectious so the Syphilis can be passed very easily if someone comes into contact with the chancre. The chancre will eventually disappear after a few weeks.


A secondary phase of the infection will develop where you have a rash and possibly a sore throat. During this secondary phase you are still infectious.


The next phase is the latent phase where you remain infectious for around one year. After that you are no longer infectious but the Syphilis is doing terrible damage to your body. Without intervention, the Syphilis will enter the tertiary phase.


Syphilis can unleash systemic damage upon your body and you may experience dementia, stroke or blindness. Syphilis can ultimately be fatal.

Syphilis - The Tests

Symptomatic Lesion

If you have a lesion as described in the primary phase, then we can perform a swab test for the bacterium that causes Syphilis. This test will also look for herpes as herpes can also cause lesions.

Blood Test

We have a test where we can use a tiny sample of blood to look for the Syphilis antibodies. The blood test will normally be able to detect Syphilis between 9 - 21 days after infection but it can take up to 90 days to appear so a retest may be necessary after a negative result. You can combine your Syphilis test with other tests such as Hepatitis and HIV. Our blood tests will be able to distinguish between a new infection and an old infection.


Syphilis is very easy to treat but it is recommended that you have an intramuscular injection so we do not provide treatment online.

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