HPV - Specific

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HPV Testing from Home

How do the HPV Tests Work?

The STI Clinic supplies self-collection kits for a vaginal specimen. There is well-documented evidence of a high level of concordance between self-collected and clinician-collected samples in female patients. Home sampling is therefore just as reliable as having the sample taken by a doctor. Self-collection HPV tests are not appropriate for male patients unfortunately.

We will send you the collection kit after you place your order online. You simply collect the vaginal sample (as directed) and then send the sample back to our laboratory in the prepaid envelope. It really is that simple.

Types of HPV Tests

We offer two different HPV tests:

General High Risk HPV

This test will report any high risk HPV and if it is one of the types 16 or 18 that is detected then this will be shown separately. If it is one of the other 12 high risk HPV types then that will not be split out. You will just be told that you have one of the other high risk HPVs.

Specific High Risk HPV

This test will give you a complete breakdown of any high risk HPV type detected. This is popular with patients who have previously had a positive result for a high risk HPV type.

High and Low Risk HPV Test

This test is the same as the HPV Specific Test, but we also report low risk HPV types (such as the types that cause genital warts).

How Our Service Works

  • Order your
    STI test online
  • Discreet package
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  • Provide a sample and post in pre-paid envelope
  • Access results online
How it works - order a test, provide sample and get results online

How long does it take?

So long as you order your test before 3 pm on a weekday then we will ship the kit that day. Cut off on Saturday is 11 am. You can request first class mail; RM24 Tracked; or Royal Mail Special Delivery.

HPV testing takes slightly longer than our standard tests. Once your sample is received back at the lab, results will take 3 days. Results are uploaded to your account that you can access online. We can even send you the formal lab report, if required.

What happens if High Risk HPV is Detected?

If you test positive for any of the high risk HPV types then we will signpost you to your GP or gynaecologist for cytology (cervical smear). If you do not have a GP, we would be happy to arrange a referral. If your cytology comes back normal, you will be recommended to repeat after 12 months. If the cytology comes back abnormal, you may be referred for a colposcopy (examination of the cervix). Please see this useful guide on the NHS website about cervical screening.

Is there treatment for HPV?

There is no treatment for an HPV infection but your body will clear the virus through the immune system. It is very important not to ignore a high risk HPV infection however as it can lead to cancerous cells developing. Most women with a high risk HPV type will not develop cancer but it is important to get the colposcopy referral so that any abnormal cells can be treated before they become cancerous.

Low risk HPV types can manifest as genital warts and these can be easily treated with creams or solutions that can be prescribed online by our partner clinic.

HPV - Specific

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