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Herpes Screen

  • Lab test with highest level of accuracy
  • Urine sample or swab available
  • Fast results in 36 – 48 hours
  • Antiviral included
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Herpes Test

What does this test include?

We will test for the following Herpes infections:

  • Herpes Simplex I
  • Herpes Simplex II

How It Works

The STI Clinic enables you to purchase a sample kit which you use and post back to our laboratory where your sample is tested and analysed. If your test turns out to be positive, we will provide you with medication.

How it works - order a test, provide sample and get results online
  • Order your
    STI test online
  • Discrete package
    arrives next day
  • Provide a
  • Post back using
    pre-paid envelope
  • Access your
    results online

How does it work?

The test is urine based so you need to provide a sample using the testing kit that we will supply. The lab will then use your urine sample to ascertain if you have Herpes. Please note that this test will only provide a positive result if the virus is currently active. An active virus will normally, but not always, produces symptoms such as small blisters.

What if I test positive for Herpes?

We will prescribe an appropriate anti-viral for next day delivery. We can prescribe either Zovirax (acicolvir) or Valtex (valacyclovir).

How long does the test result take?

This test will normally take 36 – 48 hours from the time that we receive your sample back at the lab.

How reliable are the results?

We use one of the UK's leading pathology labs and the result will be accurate if you have no Herpes infection or the virus is active. If you have herpes but the virus is not active, this is likely to produce a negative result. If you have symptoms such as blisters or sores around your genital area then we strongly advocate a symptomatic lesion test that looks for herpes and syphilis. This can be found on the symptomatic lesion test page. A urine-based herpes test would be appropriate if you have some urethral discomfort but no signs of blisters and all other options had been excluded. Where there is some urethral discomfort or signs of an unusual discharge then we recommend the Full STI Screen.

How long should I wait after a risky event?

We only recommend this test if you are displaying potential symptoms such as small blisters or sores around your genital area.

Next day delivery

Place your order before 5.00 pm Monday to Friday and we will send the testing kit that day and you should receive it the following morning.

Reasons to choose us

-Next day delivery
-Free return post
-Accredited laboratory
-Results in as little as 4 hours
-Treatments included for most tests

Any questions?

What if I test positive for anything? We will prescribe an appropriate treatment which will be sent for next day delivery.

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