HIV Information

HIV - The Basics

The Human Immunodeficiency Virus attacks our immune system to make us more susceptible to infections and disease. HIV is acquired through coming into contact with infected bodily fluids, such as blood, semen or vaginal secretions. In the UK, HIV continues to be on the rise and it could affect anyone who does not practise safer sex. You can protect yourself from contracting HIV by using a condom.

HIV - The Symptoms

Most people who get HIV will have some symptoms within a few weeks of acquiring the virus. It is important to point out that not all people recently infected will have noticeable symptoms so do not use lack of symptoms as an excuse not to be tested! The initial symptoms usually include severe flu-like symptoms accompanied by a sore throat and a rash on the chest. After a few weeks the symptoms will go and there may be no further symptoms for many years.

HIV - The Myths

There are many myths surrounding HIV. One of the most often quoted is that it is something that only affects gay men. While gay men are disproportionately affected, the majority of new diagnoses in the UK are in the heterosexual population and a third of all HIV diagnoses are in women.

HIV is quite difficult to get so just coming into contact with an infected person will not lead to you putting yourself at risk of HIV. HIV is carried in blood, semen, vaginal secretions and breast milk. You cannot catch HIV by sharing a tooth brush or through coming in into contact with someone's saliva, e.g. by sharing a glass.

Women with HIV are perfectly able to have children without passing HIV onto their offspring. Around 99% of HIV infected women have children who are not infected. Clearly it is important to know the status of the mother to be able to protect the baby.

A person who knows his or her HIV + status and is on medication is less likely to be able to pass on the infection than someone who is HIV + and is unaware of his or her status. Being on treatment reduces the viral load and makes people less infectious.

HIV - The Tests

There are different types of HIV tests available. Some clinics offer instant tests but they can be less reliable than laboratory based testing. At The STI Clinic we use 4th generation lab tests that can detect an HIV infection as early as 10 days post-exposure. Our tests are quick and accurate. We will have results to you in around 4 hours of the sample arriving at our lab. All HIV tests with a positive result must be followed up with a second test to confirm the original result. You can combine your HIV test with tests for other infections.

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